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            • The Company Successfully Participate in the CHINAPLAS 2017

              "CHINAPLAS" along with China's plastics and rubber industry for nearly 30 years, has grown to 

              become Asia's largest rubber and plastics industry exhibition, and the development of China's 

              rubber industry had a positive role in promoting.

              At present, "CHINAPLAS" is not only Asia's largest plastics and rubber industry exhibition, the 

              industry more recognized its influence second only to the world's largest rubber and plastics 

              exhibition in Germany "K Show", as the world 's second largest show in plastics and rubber industry.

              In May this year, our company participated in the CHINAPLAS 2017 held in Guangzhou.

              The exhibition we received more than 100 customers at home and abroad, including PVC additives 

              traders, PVC manufacturers and domestic PVC manufacturers. Through the communication and 

              consultation, these customers had a better understanding of our products. Some of them had 

              reached some cooperation intention, we will continue to follow-up contact. We are satisfied 

              with the result of this exhibition. At this time, our salesmen also took the initiative to go out 

              looking for customers which is commendable. And we are looking forward to the arrival 2018

              Chinaplas Exhibition.

              Date : 2017-06-02

            • Picture Quzhou Jianhua company Gathering will

              Date : 2016-03-23

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